COVID-19 update: The school has been postponed to April 12-16 2021, and will be fully online.

Spring School on Homotopy Type Theory

April 12-16 2021


The EPIT is a French thematic school proposing, on a yearly basis, an intensive 5-day long training, specializing on a particular topic in theoretical computer science. It is primarily addressed to PhD students, Post-doctoral researchers and junior academics.

The 2020 edition of the EPIT will be centered around Homotopy Type Theory, a research topic at the junction of Computer Science and Mathematics. Our hope is hence to provide an introduction that is accessible to researchers in both areas.


The school will take place fully online, we will do our best to make it as profitable as a physical meeting.


 .          Image result for anders mortberg      Egbert Rijke      Christian Sattler - CAS


Andrej Bauer (Ljubljana University): Introduction to Homotopy Type Theory

Bas Spitters (Aarhus University): The Coq-HoTT library

Anders Mörtberg (Stockholm University): Cubical Type Theory

Egbert Rijke (Ljubljana University): Synthetic Homotopy Theory

Christian Sattler (Chalmers University): Models of Homotopy Type Theory


Paige North - CAS       JetBrains Research — Researchers

Paige North (Ohio State University): Directed Homotopy Type Theory

Valery Isaev (JetBrain, Saint Petersburg): The Arend proof assistant

Hands-on sessions

There will also be practical sessions to learn how to use various proof assistants
based on HoTT such as Cubical Agda or the Coq-HoTT library.


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